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Novel Words. Direction compound. Recognition Psychology.

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Competition from unseen or unheard novel words: Lexical consolidation across modalities. Journal of Memory and Language , 73 1 , The Spirit Awakening Foundation offers the environment and space for the children in the juvenile system to articulate their emotions and highlight their lived experiences.

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With their words they express their fears, their anger and they get to discover their own identity and embrace their individuality. Inevitably, many of them come back with: I AM…". In , more than 36, teenagers were arrested for a felony crime in California alone.

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The report states that children in that demographic are disproportionately affected by crime and homicide, resulting in approximately 4, deaths yearly. The spoken words of these adolescents will awake the sense of responsibility and solidarity in our society to build up an environment where these juveniles are no longer seen as statistics, but as brothers, sisters and wonderful human beings. Established in , Spirit Awakening Foundation is a non-profit organization and charitable creative organization that implements creative writing and life skills program to youths, designed to awaken the spirit of young people in the juvenile camps.

The foundation's mission is to build character and raise self-esteem by teaching the teenagers in the juvenile camps to get in touch with their spirituality and to learn how to love the beauty of their being.

Utilizing the tools of meditation, creative writing and dramatic improvisation, the Spirit Awakening Foundation offers these young adults the space to gain discipline and to improve their communication skills. Spirit Awakening Foundation currently works with three hundred incarcerated juveniles. Akuyoe Graham is an accomplished actor, an award winning author, a devoted educator and the founder of Spirit Awakening Foundation.

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Her first performance was in Beersheba at a spoken word event that combined her songs and texts. That very first event was recorded and went viral, sending Tashoma to radio interviews and other stage work. Now 29, Tashoma was born in Israel to Ethiopian parents who came to Israel in as part of Operation Moses, one of the first airlifts of Ethiopian Jews. Her parents survived their lengthy trek across Sudan, but one of their four children died during that journey.