Chinese One Pot Meals Home Cooking: 12 Recipes with Photos

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Hi everyone, Sarah here. The tangy tomatoes, mixed with rich scrambled eggs, a hint of sugar, and flavorful sesame oil […]. We first published this Cantonese soy sauce pan-fried noodles recipe in December , a few months after we started The Woks of Life. Since then, it has become one of the all-time favorite recipes on the blog. The fewer ingredients you need and the less time spent at the stove, the better. While I do love […]. Bourbon chicken is a favorite for many. For all of you sauce lovers out there, including my daughter Sarah, this saucy bourbon chicken dish will have you swooning over every bite of chicken and sauce-soaked rice.

What is Bourbon Chicken? My great grandmother made up the method and taught it to my mom, who taught Sarah and me how to make it. Tried and true, Asian Pork Chops are an easy minute meal great for weeknights and lazy meals when […]. I remember this Chinese sausage fried rice was one go-to recipe that my sisters and I used to cook for our mom when we knew she was coming home from a long […]. This Sha Cha Chicken recipe is another win for lazy cooks everywhere. Just 9 ingredients and 10 minutes are required to make this dish, but the results are no less impressive.

Okay, we all know that most people if asked would call this a Chinese food blog, so we know that you may not get as excited when you see summer pasta recipes turn up instead of an authentic Hunan stir-fry or a plate of northern-style dumplings. Me and Ketchup Shrimp go a long way back. Large fresh shrimp […]. Hence, hot pot sauce noodles! Growing up, being picky about food was not an option. You […]. Colors come in sealed bottles with easy-to-use flip-top or twist-top dispenser bottlesAchieve an endless spectrum of magnificent colors with these intermixable airbrush colorsPerfect for use on cakes, gum paste, fondant, ….

Floor 9 Floor 9 Watercolor 4-Piece Ceramic Measuring Cup Set 1FLH Floor 9 A true example of "form and function," these artfully designed ceramic measuring cups will add both beauty and usefulness to your kitchen rout …. This cutting board is both charming and practical with a fun coastal twist. Cutting board measures 15'' x 11'' and is shaped in an adorable sea turtle silhouette. Made from bamboo grass. It includes ….

6 Chinese Take-Out Inspired Dinners

We consulted the TSA guidelines on what you can and can't pack for a long flight. Chances are your craft closet is already stocked with the basics—markers, glue, sequins, scissors—and maybe even some more advanced materials like paper edgers and tracing paper. But have you ever walked aimlessly through the aisles of your local arts and crafts store, taking inventory of the vast array of tools at your disposal? Ready to use edible sugar Decorations. Use on cakes, cupcakes, brownies, fruits and other food items. JD Yeatts designs quality home decor with coastal flair.

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These are colorful sugar shapes, a sugar cube shaped into a design and decorated with food coloring. So simple and easy to use …. This mixing ….

Chinese Food

Progressive makes innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that put the fun back into cooking. This onion chopper features durable stainless steel blades, minimizes odors, reduce tearing, and a clear container with measureme ….

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Rust Resistant, Dishwasher Safe! Mix it with more water? Hi Zoe! Regarding the potato starch, first of all, you will need some liquid before mixing with the main food.


It can be added to a small amount of water or sauce that you will need to add to season. Before adding to hot food, make sure that the mixture is whisked nicely and no powder or lump left. When you pour the mixture, turn off the heat or I usually lower the heat. Try to whisk while you pour small amount at a time.

And mix together as you slowly add the rest. But it is easier to work with 1 to 2, and let the water evaporate to desired texture of the food. Thank you!! I recently tried with a bit more water and it seemed a bit better. Definitely different working with it than cornstarch. I will miss a lot of the products when I leave Japan one day….

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Glad to hear it improved a bit. Hope I can introduce more Japanese recipes and the demand for ingredients will increase! Hi Lyn! Happy cooking! Hello, Love your site and recipes. Does it refer to portion size,volume eaten,fat, sugar,method of cooking etc…. It could be all or any of the above however in my opinion it often refers to fat or deep frying. In Western unhealthy eating habits it should refer to the huge amount of sugar consumed which eventually turns to fat in our bodies.

Having been to Asia several times I do not see this as a problem there and it is reflected by the general svelte of the people. Of course there are other factors that contribute to this and the same can be said of other groups,particularly in may European countries.

easy chinese recipes

Not the amount of sugar or fat or carbs etc. In Japan, moderation and balance are very important and they tie closely to what we cook and how we eat. If some meal is fatty or oily, we try to balance out intentionally. When we eat and cook food, we are aware of what food does to our body etc. It is a usual and natural topic of conversation. Happy New Year, Nami!

Hope has started off well so far. Love all these recipes. The dishes looks clean and balanced, yet flavorful and satisfying. I agree that home cooking and enjoying variety and balance is the way to go for the long haul. Thank you Eha! Have a lovely weekend!

20 Asian Meals On The Table in 15 Minutes

I always find Japanese food healthy and delicious. Everybody knows its expensive but worth it, Also, they are not easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing.