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What do they offer in exchange for the sovereignty of the independent nations? But the American monopolists themselves cannot decently disguise the fact that they want to abolish the sovereignty of other countries in order to impose their own sovereignty upon all countries.

The opportunists of the old Second International often promised the colonial peoples independence, although they always broke their promise; but the International does not even promise this. Because they grudge a few extra words? The reason is that the American imperialists strongly dislike the slogan of independence for the colonial countries. The call for a struggle for the independence of the colonial and dependent countries, however, smacks of revolt against imperialist oppression! The American aspirants to world domination have learned, particularly in China, how dangerous it is for imperialism when an oppressed nation rises to wage a determined struggle for national independence.

Naturally, therefore, the gentlemen in Washington no longer tolerate the slogan of a struggle for the independence of the oppressed nations even as mere propaganda. Consequently, the abettors of imperialism, the Right-wing Socialists, also had to stop playing with this slogan in their propaganda. But in spite of all the efforts of the imperialists and their Right-wing socialist agents, all the nations that are oppressed by the imperialists will continue and intensify their struggle for complete national freedom and independence.

The present plan of American imperialism and its abettors is no less insane, and is doomed to the same ignominious failure. During the past few years, since the movement of the vast masses of the working people in defence of peace began in all countries, the Right-wing Socialists everywhere fiercely opposed the struggle for peace in any form. They prohibited the members of their parties from supporting the defence of peace slogan.

This was the case up to The reactionary leaders of Social-Democracy have now changed their tactics.

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The defence of peace roused the broad masses of the working people to such an extent that the Right-wing Socialists stood in danger of becoming completely isolated. Hence, they were compelled to unfurl the flag of peace in order to deceive the masses. This is what they did at the congress in Frankfort on the Main.

But have the Labour Party and Social-Democratic leaders abandoned their policy of opposing peace?

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Have they ceased to be the abettors of the American and British policy of preparing a new war? No, they have not. Surely, there is no other democratic way of safeguarding peace. But did the politicians at the Frankfort congress come out in favour of the settlement of disputes in international relations by negotiation? No, they did not. There is not a word in the documents of the congress about the necessity of negotiations between the Great Powers with the object of preserving peace. Does this not show that the claim of the Right-wing Socialists that they represent democracy and peace is sheer hypocrisy?

It is easy to guess why the Right-wing Socialists did not say a word about the necessity of peace by negotiation. Any statement on their part recommending negotiation might have, to some degree, weakened war propaganda; it would have embarrassed the United States and British governments which are sabotaging all the efforts of the Soviet government to reach a peaceful settlement of the major disputes in international relations. Moreover, such a statement by the Socialist International might have relaxed the tension in international relations and of the war hysteria in the United States, and Acheson and the armament manufacturers would not have thanked the clumsy European Social-Democrats for this.

Instead of calling for peace by negotiation, the congress called upon all the capitalist countries to unite and arm to the teeth. The Right-wing Socialists showed that the growing ties of friendship between the masses of the working people in the capitalist countries and the peoples who have freed themselves from the yoke of capitalism fill them with burning anger and alarm. All these outpourings of anger and hatred openly bore the character of incitement to war. But did not the congress utterly expose its hypocrisy by its attitude on the Korean question, for example?

In Korea, as everybody knows, American troops, in conjunction with British and other troops, have been fighting for over a year to subjugate and exterminate the freedom-loving Korean people. The question is: what did the Right-wing socialist congress do to help bring about peace in Korea? It did the very opposite.

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It shamelessly supported the war that is being waged by the American aggressors. Its attitude on the question of reducing and controlling armaments was exactly the same. They have fought and are continuing to fight furiously the demand of peace supporters for the prohibition of atomic weapons. They have not uttered a single word in condemnation of the notorious plan of the American military authorities to employ in war poison gas and the bacteriological weapons they have borrowed from the Japanese war criminals.

It goes without saying that these people who pose as champions of peace strongly oppose the prohibition of war propaganda.


But who wants freedom to conduct war propaganda? Only the imperialists and their agents. For the cause of peace it is harmful. Can the Right-wing Socialists consent to the prohibition of war propaganda? Of course not. That would mean prohibiting the chief function they perform in the service of international imperialist reaction. As we know, a characteristic idea current among the Hitlerite leaders in fascist Germany was that it is more profitable in politics to resort to big lies rather than to small ones because, they argued, the people are more likely to believe big lies.

Acting up to this idea they, for example, organised the burning of the Reichstag and then accused the Communists of this crime. This method of political gangsters and provocateurs is now being widely employed by the Anglo-American warmongers, including the Right-wing Socialists. The slanders and lies to which the present-day imperialists resort in their foreign policy are not simply camouflage to cover up their real aims, they are actual weapons.

We have not the slightest intention of attacking other countries. The present-day imperialists resort to all sorts of lies. We know that even Truman and Attlee [17] try to camouflage their aggressive policy with olive branches, but for their purposes ordinary camouflage is not enough, because, firstly, they cannot conceal from the peoples the fact that the American and British governments are preparing a new world war; their military-strategical preparations: war budgets, armaments drive, remilitarisation of Germany and Japan, military alliances, American naval and air bases in all parts of the world, and so forth, have assumed such vast dimensions that they cannot be concealed.

Secondly, they cannot give up their war propaganda, which also glaringly exposes their aggressive aims. But since they must find some justification for their war policy, what can they do to deceive the masses? Here falsehood again comes to the rescue of the imperialists.

They thought of the following: we can proclaim ourselves the defending side and the peaceful countries against which we are preparing aggression as the aggressors. As we know, the American and British aggressors are employing this lie in connection with Korea. They have proclaimed the Korean people, who are defending their country, as aggressors, and are brazenly shouting that the American and British troops who have been sent to Korea to kill the Koreans and to seize their country are defending America and Britain!

The Right-wing Socialists in particular took a fancy to this lie. They became so enamoured of it that at the Frankfort congress they decided to add their mite to it. They proclaimed that the aggressor in the war in Korea is the Mr Morgan Phillips, the dashing leader of the International, went even further and proclaimed Russia the aggressor in Korea! This is the limit.

Lies and slander are now officially accepted weapons in the arsenal of the North-Atlantic military alliance, on a par with atomic bombs, poison gas and plague germs. Whether such a lie is worth anything is another question. The congress, of course, adduced nothing in support of this mendacious statement, and did not even attempt to do so. But could they adduce any facts to support their claim that the United States, or Great Britain, or any other country in the North-Atlantic Alliance, is threatened?

No, they could not.

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They themselves do not believe that any such danger exists. The Soviet Union is not building war bases in other countries around the United States or Great Britain; but the United States is building such bases everywhere around the Soviet Union.

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Thousands of facts prove that the Soviet Union is pursuing a policy of peace. All the pronouncements and proposals made by the Soviet representatives in the United Nations testify to the undeviating efforts of the Soviet government to safeguard peace. The United States and British governments, however, mobilising the support of the states that are dependent upon them, are more and more converting the United Nations into an instrument of aggressive war.

As a consequence, as Comrade Stalin has pointed out, the United Nations is ceasing to be a world organisation of equal nations, is killing its moral prestige, and is dooming itself to collapse.

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  5. In the interview he gave a Pravda correspondent in February , Comrade Stalin exposed the favourite lie of that most outstanding leader of the bourgeois Socialists Attlee, then British Prime Minister. Comrade Stalin said:. Premier Attlee has to lie about the Soviet Union, he has to make out that the peaceful policy of the Soviet Union is an aggressive policy, and that the aggressive policy of the British government is a peaceful policy, in order to mislead the British people, force upon them these lies about the USSR, and thus inveigle them by deceit into a new world war, which the ruling circles of the United States of America are engineering.

    Credit: pxhere. By Mark J. Warmongering is the encouragement of aggression toward other countries. There is certainly no shortage of it blaring from both China and the U. Indeed a recent public tit-for-tat illustrates both the danger of such public advocacy and of taking it seriously. Navy ships operating provocatively in the South China Sea. I have done this elsewhere.

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    But it is to say that the general construct could easily be applied to the U. In that sense they are much less dangerous than infamous warmongers in recent American history like Curtis Le May. The Chinese outbursts pale in comparison. To imply otherwise is to disingenuously hype the significance of such atypical statements by relatively low level officers. Now the U. Over the past few years, bashing China has become quite common in the U. The confrontation would be designed to bloody the nose of the U. There are many others. It seems to them that there is a coordinated campaign of condemnation of its conduct— and of warning others of its wicked intentions —in general, and in the South China Sea in particular.

    If there were any doubts as to the U. The U. To them the U. Navy is better trained and more disciplined. Knowing this, why are they essentially advocating continued provocations by the U. Perhaps they are militarists who believe a state should use its military capability aggressively to achieve its national interests. For such, the solution is always more power and provocations.