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Let's Connect Sign up here to find out more about Brookfield Residential and our communities. Sign up here to learn more about Brookfield Residential. Sign up to learn more about brookfield residential. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Since I cannot divulge the ending, all I can say is that for eternal optimists like me who love happy endings, this book will not disappoint. Technically, the pace of the book is perfect.

The progression of the love story is just right. There are several plot points in the book that could have gotten distracting, yet was written so well it was seamless. There are no loose ends in The Kissing Tree, just a great ending. And that my friend, is why I love this book! Oct 13, Pamela Todd rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , historical-fiction , read-in , romance , women-s-fiction.

The Kissing Tree made me actually swoon out loud. Georgiana left behind not just the rest of her family, but her two best friends, Samantha and Ridge. Right before she left, Georgiana stole a kiss from Ridge…one neither of them forgot. But now Georgiana has returned, a The Kissing Tree made me actually swoon out loud. Feelings that never really went away suddenly flare to life for both Ridge and Georgiana, but things are different than they were before. Both are older, less sure of their actions. Not to mention the rich and handsome Dawson that Georgiana left behind in New York.

It was achingly romantic and laugh-out-loud funny. This novel is not just a romance one — it is about family and commitments, and the difficult choice between following your heart or your head. A sure pleaser for anyone who adores romance, comedy or historical fiction. An author to watch. This was a really sweet read. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Georgie was forced to move away from her childhood home and always longed to return. After five long years she is finally able to return to her Grandfather in Colorado.

Once back she immediately runs into her childhood crush and the fun really begins. Georgie is a really likable character. She speaks her mind and yet is very sweet and loving.

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She cares deeply for her family and friends. Our leading man, Ridge, is also very l This was a really sweet read. Our leading man, Ridge, is also very likable. They have nice chemistry together. The supporting characters are also enjoyable. Samantha and Dawson were also great.

Hard to get bored

I really enjoyed the story, the setting was nice. There is even a little adventure thrown in at the end which added a fun element to the story. It was a fun escape. Oct 22, Sandy rated it liked it. The Kissing Tree is a sweet, light love story for fans of clean romance. It put a smile on my face and kept me reading way past bedtime, which I truly love in a book. However, this book should have been five-star read for me, and it didn't quite measure up. I LOVE books like this.

I am a Marcia McClure addict, and this story in plot and writing is similar to her books. However, it's the similarities to Marcia's books that perhaps made me enjoy the story less Some of the lines and descriptions from this book mimic too closely Marcia's unique style of writing, and the endearing cheese that Marcia makes swoony doesn't work when someone else is writing. Some of these lines all those moist, demanding kisses! The Kissing Tree could benefit from more editing, as entire passages could be taken out to make a tighter story.

I admit to being a bit of a stickler when it comes to timelines, and I get thrown out of a story when the passage of time isn't clearly delineated. I had difficulty for much of the story figuring out how much time had passed, and at times, the timeline conflicted with itself. For example, after Georgie hurts her foot and Dawson appears, the next day Dawson asks her about the social that's "tomorrow".

However, at the social, they act like Dawson has been visiting for quite some time, when following this timeline, it should only be two days. Plotwise, The Kissing Tree tries to do too much, with incongruous plot lines branching off for several different characters that eventually descend into a bit of melodrama. Again, tighter editing could clean this up and give the story more focus.

Despite these flaws and the inevitable comparison to The Queen of clean western romance, The Kissing Tree is sweet story for fans of this genre. View 2 comments. Sep 19, heather - NightlyReading rated it it was amazing. Thanks to Cedar Fort Publishing for review copy! What an absolutely beautifully written love story. I had fallen in love with the characters right from the beginning. To steal a kiss from Ridge. Georgie keeps playing through her mind how she is going to accomplish this task, but ends up just going fo Thanks to Cedar Fort Publishing for review copy!

Georgie keeps playing through her mind how she is going to accomplish this task, but ends up just going for it. Her family left for NYC that very same evening. Flash forward five years and Georgie is on her way home again. She is coming home to help her grandpa after the passing of her grandmother.

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  • It will be the first time that she has seen her home since she had left so many years ago. Beside her grandpa, of course, whom do you think is the first person she runs into…but, Ridge! This makes for a very entertaining scene especially since he is such a teaser! The setting for this book was interesting. I loved that it reminded me of the old wild west and Little House on the Prairie. LOL … With horse and buggies, living on the cattle ranch and the fact that the women wore corsets.

    There was a bit of a love triangle at work here. Georgie had a fella waitin on her back in NYC. She was torn over her feelings between Dawson and Ridge. She had never promised Dawson her hand in marriage, but felt obligated to him. The feelings she had for Ridge just could not be denied and she struggled daily. The book left me with a storybook ending and I felt it was perfect!

    I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance. I cannot really categorize this as YA, for it was about adults. But, it was tender, sweet and innocent with mild passionate kisses View 1 comment. Honestly, there was so much to love about this book! My thanks to Cedar Fort for providing the opportunity and the book.

    The story was filled with love and friendship, misunderstanding and reconciliations. The small western town feel versus the proper society, big city feel was perfect. Her return journey home provides such satisfaction and mending but not without the bumps and bruises a fiery Irish temper can bring. Ridge is such a great character. I love his playfulness and easy going nature. And how swoon worthy to have a guy fall for you at such a young age and never get over it.

    Where the Heart is

    So sweet. I love all the little things that make Ridge endearing. The one drawback for me personally, was the remembering. And while I realize that needs to be part of the story, there was so much of it. It seemed like characters were remembering the same events and it got a bit long. I found myself wanting to skim through instead of read those parts. Still, having said that, I really did love this sweet story. I love to sit down with a good historical romance and just enjoy myself with no worries of offensive language or sexual scenes.

    I left this book feeling good and uplifted. My romantic heart was satisfied. I am having a giveaway on my blog for a copy of this book starting November 1st and running through the 10th, You can check it out here. May 16, laninaki rated it did not like it Shelves: nooky-wook , waste-time , historical-fiction , This was a sad disappointment. I expected fluff - and welcomed it! It's total crap. The Kissing Tree was recommended to me by someone who compared it to L. Apart from being set in a similar time, there's nothing Montgomery about this.

    Here's the deal.

    The Kissing Tree Lyrics

    The Kissing Tree is poorly written, in need of editing, and attempts too many story lines childhood sweethearts, c This was a sad disappointment. Why didn't somebody tell this poor author to pick one or two incidents and expound upon those? What's left for her to write about in her next book? Why, why, why? I understand speaking from Ridge and what's-her-name's PoV, but Charlotte?? Newsflash: I don't actually care about Charlotte. She was weak and stupid and boring and barely part of anything. There was just way too much telling and not enough showing.

    I also can't handle the backwoods, country bumpkin accent. I get that Bice was going for authenticity, but I found it irritating. Oct 24, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , net-galley , received-to-review , , favorites. This is really a 4. I really love a good romance story.

    A story that reminds me what it was like to fall in love. The tingles that you get when you first hold a hand and the anxiety in whether or not he really loves you. This is a really sweet love story. It is about two friends who are separated while young. They have the school age crush and somehow never really quite got over the other while they were spending five years apart.

    This This is really a 4. This would have been five star if it didn't feel a little sluggish in the middle. It just felt too drawn out for me. There is a happy resolution for all that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the humor and that it has good story line. Sep 26, Katie babs rated it did not like it. What should have been a cute read failed miserably. This was poorly written and in need of some major editing.

    There was far too much info dumping and constant switching of POV to keep track of it all. Also the way the characters thought, especially in the beginning when the heroine is a young girl, feels off. The author gives her adult thoughts and words she wouldn't even be aware of, let alone use in everyday speech. The heroine is so confusing with what she wants and her actions don't make sen What should have been a cute read failed miserably.

    The heroine is so confusing with what she wants and her actions don't make sense half the time. The slang and colloquialisms switched on and off for no reason and there just wasn't enough plot or tension to keep this story going. Read more like a bad first draft. A pass. Feb 05, Katie W rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-clean , historical-romance. So, so, so cute! Georgiana grew up in the late s in Colorado, but was suddenly moved to New York along with her mom and brothers to live with an aunt when her dad died.

    Five years later, she decided to return to help her grandpa out. And guess who's his right hand man? Her old crush, Ridge. It was sad to me that she lost touch with her best friend, but they quickly stepped right back into things. Ridge was great! Georgie was quite a tease and a lot of fun. Cute and clean!! View all 3 comments. Oct 11, Ellen Sara added it. I'm a sucker for novels about childhood sweethearts reconnecting as adults.

    This was a very sweet romance. Georgie and Ridge were cute together.

    Nyungar Dreamtime: Bimban Born-Kissing Trees

    She did have a very bad and quick temper but it was fun watching him enjoy her outbursts. I liked the way things ended with Dawson although he jumped ship pretty dang quick. This was squeaky clean and fun. There is also some action in the plot to raise the emotional stakes. I also loved the epilogue. This was a fun read!

    Feb 15, Kisty Powell rated it really liked it. Predictable but a clean romance novel. Mar 02, Hailey rated it it was amazing. This story was so sweet, I loved the romance and the humor. I couldn't put the book down! Apr 09, Heather Johnson rated it really liked it. I really got into this one. Clean and refreshing. I still remember it years after reading it. Oct 02, Erin rated it really liked it. A bit predictable, but oh so lovely. Loved the Characters and side stories.

    I was so engaged and loved so much of this. I picked this up on a clearance at the book store and I swear, just like clothes, you can love it more because it was such a steal? I know this is not the book for everyone, by far, but it was the beautiful, descriptive, tale of love and sorrow I love. What I love to escape to. Jun 14, Jamille Parks rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I couldn't put it down and I'm glad I had a day off to finish it. Sep 23, Ambur rated it really liked it Shelves: own-physical-copy , own.

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first heard the blurb of The Kissing Tree. I thought that it sounded like a sweet story, and when I read it, I was pleasantly surprised because it was even better than I thought it would be. Not only did it have an incredibly sweet and romantic story line, it also had feisty characters with amazing chemistry!

    Billy Grammer - The Kissing Tree (1959)

    I also loved the historical element of the story! I loved Georgie! She was such a fun heroine and she was so spunky. The only downside to her was th I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I first heard the blurb of The Kissing Tree. The only downside to her was that she was too accommodating to society I loved that for the most part Georgie didn't let what other people thought dictate her actions. Occasionally she did, but usually only because she didn't want to hurt anyone. She's feisty, but she isn't vicious, and I loved that.

    Seriously, what an amazing name! With an awesome name like Ridge, you kind of assume he's going to be a sexy and boy was he ever! I loved Ridge! He and Georgie are fantastic together! They're a steamy duo, and boy could you feel the steam of their kisses. He's smart, definitely charming, and he only has eyes for Georgie He's awesome! He tries to play matchmaker, and tells about Irish stories, which I loved! I won't tell you why though.

    San Marcos Golf | Kissing Tree Golf Club

    I have to mention that it's so much deeper than that! It's about finding your true home, and with that discovering what home really means. It's got some action in it, too, some pretty crazy action I might add involving banks. Also, the whole black and white relationship status between Georgie and Ridge is much more complicated, you add in suitors, the time period, relatives, and other meddling outsiders, and it makes for one complicated relationship.

    The Kissing Tree mixes genres, keeps things exciting, and incorporates an Irish story passed down the generations into the local legend of the "Kissing Tree" where Georgie steals her first kiss from Ridge. If you enjoy a teasing romance, with not-too-sweet characters, The Kissing Tree is perfect for you. Nov 02, Kassy rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-books , arc-first-reads. In the very beginning of the book a 12 year old, girl, named Georgiana is given a dare by her friends. The dare is to kiss a boy, named Ridge. She fulfills the dare and kisses Ridge.

    After that exact day Georgiana has to pack up all her belongs, because her family and her are going to New York City for the summer. Next, she is not told that this trip is not only a summer vacation, but will also become her new home. Georgiana remains in New York City with her family, which includes a mother and s In the very beginning of the book a 12 year old, girl, named Georgiana is given a dare by her friends. Georgiana remains in New York City with her family, which includes a mother and siblings.

    While being in New York her family lived with her aunt, Ceceila. Geogiana does not like this aunt, because her aunt detest children, especially children who came from an irish immigrant. Her aunt, Cecelia is very cruel and verbally abusive. Luckly Georgiana got sent to a school that is like a girls institute for only girls. Throughout her stay in New York her aunt introduces her to society. She begins seeing a man named, Dawson who loves her. Dawson may love her, but she she feels like she can't give her heart entirely to him because she still has feeling s for Ridge.

    After, five years Georigana returns to Crystal Creek, Colorada her hometown. At this time she is 18 years old. Once she arrives their she is meet with her grandfather. At the same time Georgiana encounters Ridge Carson.

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