Sociologie de la sexualité : Domaines et approches (French Edition)

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Pour la programmation, cliquez ici. Retour aux auteur. On the other, television, as a mass medium, is extremely coded and linked to capitalist forms of power, having therefore troubles conveying queer themes and sensibilities. For example, production studies highlight the need for TV series to avoid cancellation and get renewed, season after season, for as long as possible.

Queer theory subverts this neoliberal type of productivity, making it possible to explore the link between the illusion of success and the lack of a future Edelman for certain cultural objects.

Trouble dans les études de genre - Libération

As Jack Halberstam points out, television seriality could also be a queer territory because of its multiple, ever-transforming nature: following this path, we should investigate the forms, technologies, and fan practices that could potentially open up new, innovative, and even radical ways of thinking about television.

By choosing to focus on fiction television seriality other genres could be considered as well , we want to understand how queer theory can help determine certain specificities and contradictions in television, an ever-evolving medium that has been searching for an identity since its inception.

Since the beginning of the s, the increased role of new representations of minorities has been a way for networks and, recently, online distribution services, to compete Doty This transformation is creating new ways to perceive seriality and its productions, is enabling the creations of queer, trans, non-binary subjects, and is making room for alternative ways of storytelling.

Furthermore, the participation of fans in the construction of queer identity has, for certain series, garnered unprecedented visibility, on social networks and fan spaces online Lothian et al. Often, these practices balance out the lack of minority representation on the small screen and contribute in shaping alternative models of creativity.

We propose, therefore, to examine the relevance of a queer axis as it relates to television by analyzing queer protagonists, forms, platforms, fan interpretations and rewritings which put forward paths that are multiple, non-linear, non-heteronormative, and sometimes destined to fail Halberstam , Rich We will encourage papers which take into account the intertwining of production, forms, technologies, and reception involved in each case study, as well as the methodology.

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Notice of acceptance will be sent before January 15th, Busse, Kristina. Lothian, Alexis.

It demonstrates the manner in which these meals constitute environments and opportunities for socialization amongst children. Being neither, strictly speaking, curricular nor completely removed from the educational environment, these extracurricular times nonetheless gather students around food. An ethnographic study was conducted in three socially and culturally differentiated Parisian schools. It focuses on the juxtaposition of various opportunities for socialization within a peer group at meal times.

Bonheur et satisfaction

Observations, partly participant, were conducted over two academic years. Semi-structured interviews were also undertaken with families and supervisors of food intake. Our results show that social and cultural family practices transmitted to children, in terms of food and meal times, are confronted with school and other modes of socialization.

The influence of the peer group and the role of adults around children during meals are highlighted to reflect their synchronic character and to evince the complementarity of the socialization process. Sharing these meals confronts children to new norms and values, uneven close to those of their family environment. The norms and values of their peers and childhood on the one hand, and one the other hand those of the professionals who serve the meals and supervise the children, professionals whose legitimacy to socialize is furthermore closely related to their social origin.

Transfuges de sexe. To be authorized to access hormones and surgeries, trans individuals have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.


In order to modify their civil status, they also need to provide the judge with evidences that justify their demand. In this context, trans persons claim their right to have control over their own body and to receive social recognition. While professionals and activists seem firmly opposed in this debate, they are two interdependent and plural groups of actors. This dissertation first historicizes their interactions and their heterogeneities. Then, it explores the internal diversity of the trans population in a gender perspective.

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Based on a qualitative survey and on the secondary analysis of a quantitative survey, this research studies how gender shapes transitions, their timing and the material conditions in which they are pursued. Trans men and trans women do not have the same trajectories in terms of conjugality, family and professional career.

I. Un média pas tout à fait comme les autres

Their sex changes take place in different self-constructions, including regarding sexuality and the perception of HIV risk. Also, FtMs female-to-male experiment social ascension whereas MtFs male-to-female face dropout. Sex mobility is possible, but trans individuals cannot avoid the mark of gender. Bourdieu, l'homme : [dossier " Bourdieu, l'homme" ] by Marion Rousset Book 1 edition published in in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

Ce que tous les parents disent? The study of the regulatory role of parents aims to understand how interactional and mobility skills are transmitted, and how social and gendered inequalities arise through this process in urban childhoods. Complementing previous works on urban segregation and school choice, this research compares two socially mixed areas located in Milan Italy and Paris France. The data includes 78 interviews carried out with 88 parents of children aged from 8 to 14 and ethnographic fieldwork.

Theoretical and methodological issues are tackled in the first part of the work. The second part focuses on the different mechanisms and stages of the urban socialization process, in both a synchronic and diachronic perspective.

UR2016/Yoff - Le "Domaine affectif" de l'enfant: approche pédagogique du Prophète (Psl) - Partie 1

The third part highlights the social, sexual and local differentiation of the way children's urban practices are supervised and suggests the effects on children of these contrasts.